•    Vision Source
•    Illinois Optometric Association (IOA)
•    American Optometric Association
•    Illinois Optometric Association (IOA)
•    National Eye Institute
•    Women’s Eye
•    All About Vision – a comprehensive patient guide to various new products  
            and eye health concerns.
•    WAVE Contact Lens System

•    TD Tom Davies frames – custom made frames, made to individual order.
•    Kaenon Polarized – the most advanced polarized lens, SR-91, it is the only
            polarized lens that offers razor-sharp clarity, impact-protection, superior
            scratch-resistance and glare reduction all in one ultra-light lens (also
            available in prescription).
•    MATTISSE – fashion-forward, hand-painted eyewear that gives you the
            opportunity to express your personal style.
•    Optos – amazing new technology helps us verify that your eye is healthy.